A recent film I did for the Kansas City Rescue Mission Women’s Center.  They doing wonderful things for the lost and broken in our city!  

A film I shot/edited recently just released on Focus on the Family President Jim Daly’s Blog. The blog post is here -https://community.focusonthefamily.com/b/jim-daly/archive/2014/03/19/video-a-father-s-sacrifice.aspx

This will be a part of their soon to be released “Family Project” coming out this year! I love telling these amazing stories!

Christopher Nolan the genius…

When working with actors, Nolan prefers giving them the time to perform as many takes of a given scene as they want. “I’ve come to realize that the lighting and camera setups, the technical things, take all the time, but running another take generally only adds a couple of minutes. … If an actor tells me they can do something more with a scene, I give them the chance, because it’s not going to cost that much time. It can’t all be about the technical issues.

Frame grabs from Boys and Girls Club Shoot - Day 2

Coming Soon…The story of Cameron.  A great story from the Boys and Girls club of KC!

I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Tajh Boyd (Starting QB for Clemson University.) This film was commissioned by Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

We just finalized this project commissioned by the Kansas State Fire Fighters Association to create a series of films highlighting volunteer firefighters from across the state. These films would be used for recruitment in the volunteer departments.

See all 3 films here - http://www.fivestorypictures.com/KSFFA-Films

Music - Tony Anderson

Really digging this new Gatorade commercial.  Love the shots, pacing, sound…and how much is said without saying a word!  Excellent!

Our latest project…a new film Fivestory Pictures created for Fellowship of Christian Athletes annual event - Fields of Faith . Every year thousands of high school athletes and students join together on their football fields to share their testimonies and take a stand for their faith.

Great Commercial!  Love the shots, pacing…awesome!